• Company certified by the
    Canadian Welding Bureau

Traction, Hydraulic and
Machine Room-less Elevators (MRL)

  • MRL
  • MRL

Ascenseurs Design has an extensive expertise in the manufacture of all types of elevators. The company designs structural components, cabs, fixtures and hall entrances. Structural elements are pre-assembled to minimize installation time on-site. All components are certified compliant by the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Ascenseurs Design stands out from the competition by offering:

  • an experienced engineering department to ensure seamless integration of all components;
  • fully customized manufacture for a perfect adaptation of the product regardless of dimensions and constraints;
  • a production according to LEED® certification (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design);
  • flexible delivery schedules adjusting to unexpected events on construction sites;
  • systems whose maintenance can be provided by any elevator service company.


  • Cabine

Each of our cabs is fully assembled at the factory prior to delivery. This process ensures a perfect fit and allows validation of the cab aesthetic aspect prior to final delivery.

Ascenseurs Design offers a full range of accessories and components for cabs:

  • stainless steel, laminated panels, mirror, glass or other finishes;
  • several models of handrails;
  • ceilings and lighting.


  • Signalisations

Ascenseurs Design supplies cab operation panels (COP), hall fixtures, consoles, position or direction indicators and ensures the pre-wiring of COP.

For new construction or modernization, Ascenseurs Design manufactures any fixtures that meet all your requirements.

Hall Entrances

  • Entrées palières

Ascenseurs Design offers standard and custom-made hall entrances to meet various finishes, as well as glass doors of superior quality. Like all of its production, the entrances can be custom ordered to meet the specifications and dimensions of each site. For modernization projects, the company can also provide doors that ensure the upgrade of existing entrances. Ascenseurs Design is certified ULC 1h½ according to industry standard.


Electrical Ducts

  • Conduits Électriques

Ascenseurs Design manufactures CSA certified electrical ducts. The standard inventory includes ducts of 2½”, 4” and 6”, in order to respond quickly to the needs of construction sites. All other accessories are also available, including elbows, “T” fittings and endpieces.